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It’s ok if you are...

Life looks a bit different right now (or a lot different) and I want to share that it’s OK if you resonate with any of these food/body/movement challenges.

It’s OK that you may not be able to move your body the way you want to right now, it’s OK to stress eat, boredom eat, comfort eat, snack all day, and have challenges with your body image… It’s OK, it’s OK, it’s OK! Judgment, shame, and guilt around it won’t help anyway.

Give yourself compassion I know this is a normal human response to life.

Please know you can do the best you can to feel good in your body. Do your best to move in ways you can! Something indoors? An online class you want do at home? A walk outside (if you can keep your distance away from people)? Allow yourself to eat what you want and tune into your body while eating. What feels good right now....whatever that is, that’s up to you.

So be gentle, this is an interesting time in all of our lives so allow yourself to go with the flow and do the best you can, that’s all that you can do! Be mindful!

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