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We require hydration to live. We also require adequate hydration to optimize our functions. You have heard many, many times that you should be drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. This is purely a guide to remain hydrated.

To claim that staying hydrated is a struggle is a false claim. Because, you manage to stay hydrated every single day. You perhaps just choose to hydrate on liquids which contain water and other ingredients with calories.

What’s actually going on here is a self persuasive miss representation regarding the actual logistics of acquiring water and consuming it for the liquid it is. In your head, 2 liters of water has become the equivalent of a despairing lake of grotesque liquid. You cannot comprehend it. “Hydration is hard”etc...

Meanwhile, you gallivant around with a couple of lattes. You sip back some orange juice at your desk. A “healthy” smoothie because you’re a hipster trying to lose weight. Maybe a soft drink over dinner? A couple of wines/cocktails to take the edge off of a tough day. 2 liters of liquid consumed with ease. 1280 calories later. 🙄

This specific consumption of 1280 calories via liquids is not bad. It is what it is. In fact, most of these tasty drinks on the right do contain water, thus you will likely be hydrated as a result. But, if you’re trying to alter body composition you have to ask yourself if the enjoyment and calories in these drinks correlate to your desired body shape. If the answer is yes- that’s cool. If the answer is no- here is an incredibly easy opportunity to create a calorie deficit.

Being hydrated is as a critical to remaining alive as a calorie deficit is for fat loss. If you do want to lose fat, it might be a good idea to be aware of the calories you consume from liquids, then source some lower calorie alternatives that you enjoy. I heard water is pretty cheap, refreshing and calorie free! 😉

Just saying!

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