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Autumn Self-Care Tips Vol 2

Going to get some self-care with my snuggie, tea, and a good book tonight. How do you care for yourself as a season shifts?

Let's talk about....Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Many people’s moods change around the fall/winter time. I believe they feel this way because of the change in seasons, which I think is normal. Many of the things that naturally cheer us up, that reduce anxiety are: exercise, vitamin D from the sun, doing outdoor activities and dining alfresco. This all changes when the days become shorter and the chilly weather sets in. When this happens we tend to eat more, move less and feel a bit down.

To help you through the Seasonal Affective Disorder blues, I’m posting these tips along with this cute illustration!

📌 Try vitamin D drops

📌 Keep an exercise routine that keeps you moving go on YouTube and try one of the many exercise videos uploaded.

📌 Keep drinking water

📌 Give yourself a focus for December through March/April. Something that will keep your mind.

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