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Big Reason Why You’re Overweight

Our perspective towards the daily food choices we make goes further than one might realize…

I often eat four eggs when I eat eggs. People are amazed “how do you eat so much food? “

Some of my clients are learning to get more protein in. They’ll eat one egg for breakfast. They’ll go with it because it has protein, but we’re talking about 6g in one day. Not significant.

Four eggs are about 312 calories. I usually lose weight anywhere between 1800-2000 calories a day meaning 1800-2000 calories on Friday and Saturday too.

For 4 eggs, I can keep myself full, because it is a good amount of food. And protein is clearly most filling macronutrient.

But the calories really aren’t that significant.

Consider this:

Your restaurant meal probably has at least double what my four eggs have.

Two IPA beers usually have more.

Three glasses of wine… A depressing couple of handfuls of potato chips. Some of those dessert style “coffee” drinks you get at Starbucks.

My point: your food choices play a key role in weight loss… you want to eat more foods that are both filling but reasonable or low in calories.

Not the opposite…

Eggs, meat, fish, beans, lentils, vegetables, fruits, and even starches like rice, potatoes, and others fall into this as well.

The stuff you run into trouble with? Liquid calories, processed food, using butter and oils the way restaurants do, or even common health foods like nuts and seeds that add up in calories fast if you aren’t careful.

Also noteworthy, when you sleep five hours a night, the food you’re more likely to crave are the last ones I mentioned.

When I sleep a few hours, I can’t imagine eating eggs, salad or anything that’s likely to do my body good. I'd rather something not so good for my body...

Couldn’t tell you why, but I know it isn’t just me.

You don’t have to eat eggs, but you do need more foods that are full of nutrients, water, and fiber without being calorie dense.

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