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Truth Still Hold in 2020

It’s June!! With the start of the new year, a new decade, there are a bunch of things that were true in 2019, and they are still true halfway thru 2020.

✅ Intermittent fasting only works if you are in a calorie deficit. You have a smaller eating window to eat your calories. That’s all it is. It can work great for some, and not for others. It will continue to be, a meal planning option, that can work well if you are in a calorie deficit. If you aren’t in a deficit, it’s not going to work.

✅ Fruit didn’t make you fat in 2019 (or in forever), and frankly, it won’t make you fat in 2020 or in forever. If anyone ever tries to tell you that, ask them to name ONE person who has gotten fat from eating fruit. You will hear crickets. Don’t ever be afraid of fruit!

✅ You will never get back from eating fewer calories than your body needs. People like to call that starvation mode, and that just doesn’t exist. It makes zero sense. What some people *may* be referring to is a metabolic adaptation or metabolic “damage” which is a normal part of weight loss.

✅ As you lose weight, your metabolism will go down. Keeping your calorie deficit moderate, and keeping your protein intake high, you’ll be fine. When you start to add calories back in and get into maintenance, your metabolism hops right back up with you. This is all normal.

✅ Using terms like starvation mode was fear mongering in 2019 and if people use it in 2020, it’s still fear mongering. You can go to the extreme (literally not eat) and have negative side effects, like you can with just about anything in life, but the extreme is not what most people do. No fear mongering in 2020. You will be fine.

And please, don’t forget: one of your livers main functions in 2019 was to detox your body. Word on the street is that it has the same role for 2020, so hallelujah, no need to buy detoxes, cleanses, wraps or anything that claims to help detox and lose weight. Let your liver and your calorie deficit handle that!

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