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Eating Healthy is too Expensive?

One of the more common barriers that seems to hold many people back from making progress towards their health and fitness goals is the perceived “extreme high cost” of eating healthy.

If we’re being honest, more often than not, I see this use as an excuse to eat bad. By telling yourself that you can’t afford to go shop for healthy foods, it’s much easier to stick to drive thru’s and low quality food choices… and you’ve created a way to justify doing so on a regular basis.

However, eating healthier doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive. You don’t have to roll into Whole Foods and drop $300 on a week’s worth of groceries in the name of “eating healthy”.

Grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, Aldi , etc. will do just fine. Staples like lean meats on sale eggs, potatoes, oats, veggies (fresh or frozen) and berries (summer sales) are just a few cost-effective options you can choose from.

Try taking a family of five to McDonald’s multiple times per week and watch how that expense adds’s not cheap!

More times than not, is the ease of access and taste, rather than cost, that drives these decisions.

With that said, I know there are low socio-economic individuals that truly do struggle to get by, and this post is definitely not directed at them.

However, if you’re running around with the latest iPhone, make regular Starbucks runs, and have a fat car note, I want you to think twice before you say eating healthy is too expensive! K thanks!

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