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Cardio, Weights or Chips? 🤔

Ah, the age old debate, which to do: cardio or sit on the couch and eat chips?

If I had to choose, I would pick weight training every time.

In all honesty, you can achieve many of the benefits of traditional cardio with weight training.

Want to get your heart rate up and condition your heart and lungs? Do circuit training or include a metabolic finisher.

Oh, weight training has the additional benefit of building muscle, which cardio cannot do. 🧐

The 2 instances in which cardio becomes a must do are:

  1. Your training for a race.

  2. You enjoy it.

Otherwise, it’s totally optional.

The caveat here is if enjoy cardio, but it doesn’t fully help you achieve your goals with regard to muscle tone, weight loss, strength, and energy. *Just* doing what you enjoy is not the answer.

Don’t do what you enjoy. Sprinkle what you enjoy in with what you NEED to achieve your goals.

Most of my clients don’t love weight training, but they do it because they know it’s the way to achieve the body they want.

That’s discipline, folks. Make sense?

And while you’re on the path to earning your best body, for Pete’s sake sit on the couch and eat some chips every once in a while… Please!

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