Successful Dieting!

There are a bunch of things that go into a thriving weight loss plan...

-Calories need to be in check.

-Whole Foods need to be the focus.

-You need to be exercising regularly!

And while all those things matter, there’s ONE thing that matters more… Consistency!

See, you could have the worlds fanciest fitness plan, but if you can’t follow it consistently, it won’t matter at all.

And this is where people get into trouble…

They jump on the latest FAD program or system, and because they’re investing so much time (and often, money), they make these crazy drastic changes... from the get go.

Which lasts what… A few days, weeks maybe months?

Something eventually happens they slip up, over eat, program becomes too much money, etc. In that moment, the struggling dieter goes through one of two things:

  1. They get angry 😤, or

  2. Just feel disappointed 😞

Either way, they let that one bad meal turn into another, and another, then another…

Before they know it, they’re back to square one.

Which brings me to the topic on how to become a successful dieter

I truly believe that every single person can lose weight and maintain a healthy body for life.


And it doesn’t take another FAD or “program”. It doesn’t take more restriction, more strenuous exercise, or more motivation…

It takes consistency.

Consistently smashing the fundamentals of weight loss nutrition (being in a deficit, eating mostly whole foods, etc.)...

Most importantly, when you DO slip up (because you’re absolutely will,) it’s about getting right back on track!

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