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How to use BCAAS

BCAAS offer no benefit for an individual who is consuming enough protein.

Why? Because protein already contains all the amino acids your body needs.

The human body uses 21 amino acid’s in total and nine of those amino acid’s are known as essential amino acids, as our body cannot make them. Therefore, we have to get them to our diet.

Protein sources like meat and dairy contain all the essential amino acids we need.

BCAAS on the other hand only contain three amino acids.

Scientific evidence consistently shows, that BCAAS are less effective at stimulating muscle growth than complete protein sources and that when sufficient dietary protein is being consumed, BCAAS offer no benefit at all.

The only possible exception to this is someone who is eating a plant-based diet, as plant proteins contain lower concentrations of essential amino acid’s then animal proteins do. Therefore, BCAAS could potentially top-up these plant protein sources with more essential amino acids.

However, it’s also worth noting if you are vegan that BCAAS on normally made from human hair, duck feathers or pig fur, so are not considered vegan.

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