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What happens when you eat pizza!

When you eat pizza you experience the same principle metabolic process that you would by eating any food. In that you consume it, it passes through the esophagus, at which point it enters the stomach before entering the small intestines. At this point nutrients are absorbed and passed into the bloodstream.

The calories pizza are made up of protein carbs and fat. The carbs will go directly into the bloodstream or be stored in the liver as glycogen, leftovers are stored as fat. The fat will travel to the liver were some of it is burned, some converted into cholesterol and some is sent over to the fat cells until they are needed. As for the protein, it is broken down into peptides, which become amino acids which build proteins stores. Excess amino acid’s are excreted or stored as body fat.

The facts are that pizza (or any calorie dense food) simply has a little more density and volume when the above elements take place. But the process is still the same. Excessive calorie intake of any food source will result in more fat cell production. No food inherently makes you fat. 1000 calories of pizza is the same As 1000 calories of asparagus. In simple terms of thermal dynamics and body composition (though obviously not in terms of overall health). It is about the bigger picture in overall calorie balance. The apparent damage pizza has on one’s health is rendered entirely from one’s physiological state when faced with it, as opposed to the way one metabolizes it.

Stop beating yourself up when you consume the food you love. Understand, what Consumption of it means and adjust your overall diet to make it fit. There are no bad food only bad overall diet and lifestyle which lead to an undesired by the composition or poor health. Instead, it’s about finding a balance of calories, nutrients, activity, and education.

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