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How to start getting fitter!

If you’re struggling to build momentum to reach your fitness goals you’ll benefit from breaking them down in forming smaller habits week by week rather than trying to do them all at once and growing tired of the routine!

Here are 6 ways to help you out!

  1. Focus on your food! The most important decision you make each day is what to eat. Keep your nutrition simple. If your goal is to lose weight, create a small calorie deficit and focus on eating satiating food to make dieting easier.

  2. Improve your sleep! Getting a good nights sleep is more beneficial than a late night Netflix binge or another round of candy crush. Remind yourself that you’ll wake up with a clear head, well rested, a better mood and better health.

  3. Make exercise a habit! You don’t need to start a workout program that requires you to go to the gym five times a week, you just need to start making time to exercise and actually do it!

  4. Stick to a simple program! Keep your program basic and focus on making a specific to your goals. There are a lot of complex programs around, but the best, focus on doing the basic exercise as well. You don’t need fancy equipment or complicated programs to make progress.

  5. Apply progressive overload. As your body adapts to your fitness plan, it is important to keep ensuring workouts get harder, to make progress. Keep a log of your previous workouts, refer back to them before you exercise and make a small improvement to see the best results.

  6. Make a permanent change! By changing bad habits one by one, you’ll have a lot more success in making it a real long lasting change, that is sustainable, enjoyable and realistic. The most important thing for fitness is adherence and consistency.

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