Mouthwatering Roasted Apples!

It’s apple picking season!! For the month of September I’ll be dedicating my blogs to my favorite fruit!!!

So let’s talk about the nutritional benefits of eating apples!

1/2c of apples is about 52 calories or a whole medium around 95 calories. Apples are high in vitamin c and potassium as well as various antioxidants!

With apples being high in fiber and low in calories, there has been proof that they aid in weight loss. In my opinion, I think it’s because they are filling!

Now, I highly recommend eating an apple a day for the nutritional benefits but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share some simple recipes using apples! Don’t worry, they are low in calories and sugar! 😉

This week’s recipe is baked Roasted Apples! I’ll be using the air fryer to cook these up!

Mouthwatering Roasted Apples


2 large Granny Smith apples

2 sheets of heavy duty foil.

2 tbs of Brown Sugar

2 tbs dried cranberries

1/2 tsp of Cinnamon

2 tsp of butter divided


Preheat your air fryer to 350. Core your apples with a pairing knife, trim off 1/2-inch strip around the top of each apple. Spray foil pieces with non stick spray and place an apple in the center of each piece of foil.

Combine brown sugar, cranberries and cinnamon in a small bowl and fill each apple with the mixture. Take the left over mixture and sprinkle around the paired rim. Add the teaspoon of butter on top of the mixture and press into it gently.

Cover foil around the apple leaving the top exposed and place in your air fryer basket.

Cook 16-18 minutes or until apples are slightly softened. Place cooked apples into a bowls and take the liquid from the foil and drizzle over apples. Can be eaten alone or with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream!

240 cal 7g fiber 4.5g fat

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