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You feel what you eat and drink!

You feel what you eat and drink!

What does that mean exactly? Well, food has been known to be used as a mood adjuster.

When we’re emotional, we grab a tub of ice cream to drown our sorrows in. Some, maybe even most, drink.

When the weather is nice out, we want to go out, eat and drink. Most times it’s not a salad and a piece of grilled chicken but mostly something deep fried and full with saturated fat! 🤦🏽‍♀️

When we’re happy and in love.... we eat EVERYTHING!

When we’re bored, we snack! Not on fruits or veggies but chips, cookies and candy!

Whether we’re sad, happy, bored or mad. We use food as a way of dealing with how we feel.

So we’re using food and alcohol to work parallel to how we’re feeling but...our we doing the work it takes to burn away all the bad fats, sugars, carbohydrates and salt we’re consuming?

Let me tell you, that moment on the lips really does become, what feels like a lifetime on the hips. Not to mention, eating and drinking so much crap literally makes you feel like crap! You become tired, sluggish and for many sick.

It’s not worth it! I’m all for a cheat meal here and there or portioning some of my favorite foods during the holidays but it can’t become the norm!

If you’re happy, great! Be happy! Use that feeling to further your happiness and go for a walk or a bike ride. If it’s too cold then go to the gym.

If you’re sad or emotional , I’m sorry. ☹️ but don’t use food as a coping mechanism. Instead talk to someone. If no one is available take a walk and clear your mind. Pray...

If you’re in love, share a salad! 😂 How great would it be, if the one you loved, saw how good you looked and felt staying the course! I’m sure that he/she would love you in any way shape or form and that’s great but in order to enjoy that love you still have to be healthy!

Lastly, if you’re bored... then munch on something healthy with less fat. Or find something to do, that will distract you from making a choice that will be detrimental to your overall healthier lifestyle commitment!

You can do this! If you want to feel anything when you eat and drink, that feeling should be “GOOD”!


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