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Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Runners

Inflammation is the bodies response to injury or an intense exercise that causes micro tears. These micro tears from runs like long runs or intervals, believe it or not make us stronger. Why? Well, as the tears knit themselves back together, they build new muscle fiber which is how we get stronger and, in many cases, grow bigger muscle.

Inflammation is beneficial because it helps to heal the micro tears faster. The idea is for inflammation to be temporary not chronic. Chronic inflammation means it will take longer for us to heal and recover post workout and runs. The other point is that we are sore and tire out faster when suffering from chronic inflammation.

The key is to decrease the amount of inflammatory foods and increase the amount of anti-inflammatory foods. So, eat less sugars, trans fatty foods, alcohol, white and refined grains and eat more fish, spinach, ginger, Turmeric, flax seed pineapple and cherries (tart).

Making these changes to your daily and training diet will make a huge difference in how your body responds to inflammation and you'll be able to recover and perform substantially faster.

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