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Pescatarian Diet

Back in September, I tried going pescatarian for 6 weeks. It was something that I wanted to have a personal experience with for few reasons. I felt it would give me the best of both worlds eat

plenty of vegetables while consuming is enough protein and healthy Omega 3 fats.

Omega 3 fats has been known to be a link with better cardiovascular health and lower your risk of diabetes. Don't get me wrong, I love a good steak or juicy hamburger, but red meat is high saturated fat and is linked to heart disease and general poor health.

You can also gain more weight over an average of a years’ time eating red meat versus fish while I was following the pescatarian lifestyle I lost my summer fun weight and have been off.

In the first few weeks of my pescatarian lifestyle I eat all types of fish. Fresh, shell, and salt water fish. All are packed with nutrients like calcium magnesium vitamin D zinc iron to name a few. From my heart to my bones this lifestyle had me covered.

It was great, I was still able to train for run and kill it in the gym I felt stronger later and refreshed.

I highly recommend going the pescatarian especially if you're looking to ditch the red meat and poultry but not ready to go full on vegan or vegetarian. I'm 85% pescatarian now with a Mediterranean base occasionally I have chicken and some steak! LOL

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