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What to Eat During Training Season

Welcome to Berlin, Chicago and NYC marathon training season! I’m so excited for this year’s class of runners and playing a part in their journeys! I know from experience, that training for a marathon can be extremely taxing on the body and mind. For me, getting up at 4:30am, before the sun rises to get my long runs in, to come home exhausted and hungry. Short runs, intervals, endurance training and then of course strength training, is a lot on the body. For many of us who run, this is the norm, but for those new to distance running or coming back from a long hiatus, this can be a lot to acclimatize to.

During this time, I get lot of questions from my clients on how they should properly fuel their bodies during the training weeks and months to help them perform well. I believe every coach and trainer has their own philosophies on this subject, so of course what you’re reading from me today, is what has worked for me and for a lot of my clients on my training and nutritional plans.

To improve your speed, performance and endurance when training, you must fuel properly. Think of your body as a sports car, you fuel it with premium gasoline, right? Well, the same goes for our bodies! Just because you're out there running or working out doesn't mean you can just go and eat or drink whatever junk you want and it will fuel you up properly. Train and eat smart!

Here is a list of foods you should include in your day to day diet while training. Always remember to hydrate. Water should be your absolute best friend. I do make exceptions with Gatorade. I usually drink it post run to replenish lost electrolytes. Electrolytes are salt minerals that act as electricity and balance body fluids. Electrolyte imbalances, from dehydration or excessive sweating, can create problems to our health and performance. Gatorade contains sodium, potassium and chloride to help replenish those lost electrolytes and keep our bodies running efficiently, during exercise and sport.

Day to Day (Protein, good carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins)

Eggs, sweet potatoes, various vegetables (except for the cruciferous veggies you know, the ones that make you gassy and bloated which is not a terrible thing either lol), fruits (especially oranges), yogurt, whole grain pasta, brown rice, 100% whole grain bread, salmon and chicken.

Snacks Before a Run (To boost your glucose levels):

(2hrs prior to running) Peanut butter sandwich, small smoothie, small banana and muffin or a granola bar

After Run (The 3 R’s- Repair, Restore and Replete):

Low-fat chocolate milk, trail mix, pb&j sandwich, salted nuts, pretzels, pita bread with hummus, banana, apple or a protein bar.

I know by looking at this it seems boring, but you can be creative with these foods by trying different recipes using them! For example here’s one that I got from the good folks at Muscle & Fitness! Good luck and remember to fuel properly!

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