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Heart Healthy Foods You Should Eat 11

We're closing in on the last few days of my Heart Healthy Foods You Should Eat and today let's talk about spinach!

The most prominent nutrients present in spinach include folate, potassium, and fiber. Each of these nutrients is known for its ability of keeping arteries clear and reducing blood pressure. In addition, spinach and other leafy greens can reduce the levels of homocysteine, one of the most dangerous risk factors of atherosclerosis.

Spinach really is a versatile food. While many kids might turn their noses up at their leafy greens, there are so many ways of cooking and preparing it, that there should be at least one way of making it work for everyone. To optimize all the nutrients and benefits, I would have my spinach 1 of two ways:

1. Smoothies: spinach may be added to all number of smoothie combinations to make a super food breakfast. Try it with mango, berries, or orange and pineapple juice for a sweeter combination. To make your yummy beverage thicker in consistency, try avocados, coconut oil or milk, soy (or any other dairy free) yogurt, or even add a handful of nuts. The options are limitless! Remember, though, that rotating your greens is important for optimal health benefits, and that it is not just spinach that makes a great green smoothie; kale is another great option!

2. Salads: a small amount of baby spinach is always delicious mixed with other salad greens, spring mixtures, fresh veggies, nuts and fruits! Baby spinach also adds texture and flavor to the mix, not just a boost in nutrients.

Make sure you add spinach to your diet!

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