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Heart Healthy Foods You Should Eat

How many of you would like to be the proud owner of a healthy heart? If the answer is yes, the you should make sure that you are exercising and consuming a heart healthy diet daily. For the next 14 days I will be introducing you to a different food that is heart healthy.

Today we will be talking about the avocado. Avocados must be a part of the daily diet of every health conscious individual.

For those looking to have a healthier heart or an individual interest in tightening up his or her hip muscles, research over the years have shown that consuming avocado on a regular basis decreases LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides by about 22% and increases HDL (good cholesterol) by 11%. This makes our heart healthy by clearing all the obstructions within the arteries. The high fiber and protein content of the avocado, on the other hand, helps in burning fat and building muscle mass. Eat in salads, on whole wheat toast, as a sandwich spread or on the side. Eat as much avocado as you want!!

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