Treat Yourself, Not Cheat Yourself!

We all make choices every day about what foods and beverages we will consume and how physically active we will be. You can create a healthy eating pattern that meets nutrient needs and stays within your calorie budget-at home, in the grocery store, or while dining out-by keeping in mind the following six eating tips!

Adequacy- to provide enough of the essential nutrients, fiber and energy in the form of calories.

Balance- to avoid overemphasis on any food type or nutrient at the expense of another.

Calorie control- to supply the amount of energy you need to maintain a healthy weight-not more, not less.

Nutrient density-to create a healthy eating pattern that meets nutrient needs and stays within calorie limits.

Moderation- to avoid excess amounts of unwanted ingredients, such as solid fats and added sugars.

Variety- to incorporate a wide section of different foods from within and among the different food groups rather than eating the same foods day after day.

Equally important, be sure that your diet suits you, that it consists of foods that fit your personality, family and cultural traditions, lifestyles and most importantly budget. At best, your diet can be a source of both pleasure and good health!

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