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The Benefits of Adding Lime to Your Water

How many of you have seen people carrying around bottles of water filled with limes? Have you asked yourself, is this another one of these "healthy" trends? One word answer…NO!

Drinking an 8oz glass of water with lime has been proven to be beneficial to our bodies. How? Well, let me explain…

Lime water is full of nutrients and one of its major advantages is that is has no source of cholesterol. Many drinks try to get such an alluring nutritional value but fail. Lime water is cholesterol free because it has no fat. The drink is also calorie free. Lime water comes fully packed with all the minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber you need for a healthy body!

Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, Folate, Phytochemicals, Potassium are just a few of the nutrients found in lime water. These nutrients can be beneficial in the process of digestion, detoxification and weight loss. The vitamin C in limes destroy the free radicals which attack and kill off healthy cells, reducing the likelihood of developing infections.

So much for this drink being considered a "healthy" trend! If you want a refreshing drink without the guilt, add 1 or 2 sliced limes to your 8oz glass of water!

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