New Year New You?

2017 has arrived and it is now time to officially welcome it. This will be a year of multiple facets, bringing new challenges and perspectives. Question is…. are you ready?

What will 2017 bring? What are our personal goals for the year? Every January there is a surplus of information about New Year’s resolutions, and many people will set goals that focus on health, fitness, and nutrition. But while we often set high hopes on January 1, less than half are still committed to accomplishing our resolutions months later.

What if we look at this a different way? For example, “diets” often we find ourselves jumping into the latest diet fad not thinking of the long term but rather the short term. Focusing on change takes determination and commitment. We should think of this as a lifestyle change not a quick fix. So, here’s my suggestion, rather than setting unrealistic expectations with diet and exercise, we make changes based on our actual lifestyle.

Let’s start with eating, we all figure that by drinking shakes and rabbit food that we’re eating healthy. That may work for some, but understand that for those who really do lose weight on shakes and rabbit food are most likely on a program that supplies the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins we all need to stay healthy. Healthy weight loss is the BEST weight loss. I myself eat healthy. My ideology regarding eating right and or losing weight is to eat the recommended servings of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy within my daily calorie total and stay active 4-5 days a week.

Cutting down on sugar and refined carbs is another way. Choose low sugar products and the natural sugars found in fruits.

Drink more water!! The benefits of drinking water are endless. No sugar, no carbs and 0 calories to name a few. Total hydration!

Meal Prep! Meal prepping has been shown to result in weight loss! Preparing your own meals and staying within the recommended servings saves time, money and your waistline.

As I said earlier in my blog, living an overall healthy active lifestyle that results in weight loss requires determination and commitment. You must be determined to lose weight, be healthy and you have to stay committed!

Here’s an example of this past week’s meal prep:

Cauliflower Chicken Rice

Healthy Asopao de Pollo (Chicken rice soup)

Chipotle Black Bean Burger w/ Brown Rice

Grilled Chicken

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