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About Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition counseling is an ongoing process where you learn about your dietary needs and identify opportunities to improve your habits and routines to better provide your body with the nutrients and energy it needs.  


Throughout the process, Lucinda will provide you with various resources including food/meal planning strategies, encouragement and support, and the accountability that will help you achieve successful weight loss or other nutrition goal.


The ultimate goal is to help you identify incremental ways for you to make healthier choices every day.  Lucinda does this through focusing on three key areas: nutrition education, active coaching, and long-term success.

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  • Lucinda carefully evaluates your health history, current eating patterns, symptoms and lifestyle.

  • Individualized Meal Plans

  • You receive a FREE session pass with Lucinda who will give you the tools to exercise more effectively and boost your metabolism.

  • Metabolism tips, supplement information and much more.


  • You will be asked to complete a health history and nutrition questionnaire for a thorough assessment of your current status.

  • The initial consultation lasts approximatley 30 minutes.  During this, Lucinda will explain how certain foods affect our metabolism.

  • Depending on your health, supplements may be needed to assist you with a healthy eating plan, or for nutritional support.

  • Lucinda customizes each visit to meet your needs: weight loss, depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, sports nutrition and a over healthy lifestyle…she will show you the connection between food and our whole body.


OPTION 1: 3- Month Weight Management Program: $370 (Includes Meal Plan)

Working closely with Lucinda provides motivation, accountability, and support to help you stick with your goals. Frequent check-in appointments and ongoing monitoring of your food journal and measurements provides a strong accountability component to this option.

Month 1: Four 30-minute appointments via telehealth (1x/week) to discuss healthy eating basics:

  • Review current food intake, portion sizes, food preferences, supplement use, exercise habits

  • Discuss optimal meal timing, balanced meals, and healthy snack ideas

  • Learn more about label reading, eating out, special holidays, and overcoming cravings

  • Receive practical, time efficient meal plan, tips, and healthy recipes

  • Learn how to become in touch with your natural hunger and satiety cues to overcome mindless eating and achieve a healthy body weight and shape

  • Review your food journal and measure your weight and waist circumference


Month 2: Four 15-minute appointments via telehealth (1x/week) to check-in with Lucinda:

  • Review your food journal and measure your weight and waist circumference

  • Discuss ways to overcome barriers to your success

  • Set achievable short-term goals for the following week

Month 3: Two 15-minute appointments via telehealth (1x/2x a month) to check-in with Lucinda:

  • Review your food journal and measure your weight and waist circumference

  • Discuss ways to overcome barriers to your success

  • Set long-term goals to maintain a healthy body weight

OPTION 2: Nutrition Tune-Up Package: $160 (Includes 6 Week Meal Plan) 

Periodically, we all need a nutrition tune-up. This option is geared towards new and returning clients, allows you to check-in with Lucinda to have your diet and nutrient intake assessed for quality and adequacy. Working with Lucinda can help you determine where in your diet small changes can be implemented to help get back on track with healthy eating. Working together, create an action plan for change by setting specific, realistic, and achievable short- and long-term goals to steer you in a healthier direction.

  • Three 30-minute nutrition appointments via telehealth (1x/every 2 weeks): to address the key aspects of your life where dietary changes will have the greatest impact on your health, wellness, and weight.

  • Receive practical, time efficient 6-week meal plan, tips, and healthy recipes

OPTION 3: Private Training Packages:

$300 (12 Sessions) $500 (24 Sessions)

30 minute one on one training sessions via Zoom, Google Duo, Google Meet or FaceTime. We will meet 2x a week and I will also give you workouts to do, on the days we do not meet.


As a weight lifter, Lucinda was able to give me an individualized menu plan catered for my needs including healthy fats and proteins needed to get me through my workout. All meals were quick and easy. -David R


Book your free consultation with Lucinda today!

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