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About Lucinda 

Growing up with traditional recipes made by her Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, Lucinda was raised to be passionate about food and she jumped into the culinary life at the age of 10 years old, when she would cook meals for her younger brother while her parents worked.

Lucinda wanted to pursue this growing passion for food and enrolled in various courses, given by local chefs and bakers to improve her skills in the kitchen.

Using the recipes, training and her family traditions, Lucinda successfully translated her knowledge into healthy cooking.

She didn’t stop there! After years of helping others lose weight, by eating better, working out and encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle, Lucinda went back to school become a Nutritionist, Wellness Counselor and Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Dedicated to helping her clients achieve healthy eating and lifestyle habits, Lucinda believes a wholesome, well-balanced nutritious diet is the way to go! No fad diets, diet pills, or quick weight-loss gimmicks. 


Healthy You Is A Better You was created to help and share her love for healthy eating, fitness and wellness with you!

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To begin with Lucinda, is a very driven and passionate individual. As her trainer, she has exemplified great performance during her tenure working with me. She is focused and very goal-oriented with her fitness journey. In a short time-framed, she has increased strength levels while also improving her body composition. She has lowered her body fat and gained lean muscle along her fitness path.


Improving one's body is no easy task, however Lucinda seem to understand this notion due to her nutritional background as a consultant. In order to reach peak performance, an important criteria such as working out is a balance nutrition. One can say, this is even more important because it's the foundation for weight loss and muscle growth. Through Lucinda's knowledge, She has transformed her own life with breathtaking results and have improved the lives of others.

- Danny Garcia ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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